Patricia Frances Rowell

A Treacherous Proposition


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The only thing Diana Corby had left to lose was her children. She had given up her dreams years ago. They were lost with her youth, her security, and her love for the man she had married. Yet somehow she always managed a serene facade, a calm demeanor, in spite of the desperate secret she kept. Only one man shared that secret, one cruel and evil man. Diana knew that one day he would used it to destroy her. Her only hope was to save her son and daughter.

But Vincent Ingleton, Earl of Lonsdale, held even deeper, darker secrets, including his love for Diana. He knew, that like trees in the moonlight, her shadows completely hid what she did not choose to reveal. Yet he would place himself between her and the danger that stalked her, even if it cost him his life, even if he could not tell her why, even if she did not trust him. The one thing he would never give up was the honor he had fought so hard to rebuild.

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