Order An Impetuous Abduction

Patricia Frances Rowell

Romance, adventure, and poetic justice.

Photo by Daryl Fimple 2001

You want to know more about me?

Okay. Let's enjoy the fountain while we talk.

I see a bench back there.

Well, hm...

When one has lived a life as long and eventful as mine, it is hard to know what to tell. I live in the woodlands of Louisiana on thirty-two acres of trees in a house that my husband, Johnny, and I built with our ownhands. It's a pretty nifty house, built on a hill with more levels than I can keep up with and lots of porchs, decks, and balconies. We have plenty of glass so that we can see our woods. In fact, my study has three walls of glass and is on the second story level. I love it!

You can see pictures at the My House link and at My Hero.

Between us, Johnny and I have seven children, six children-in-law, and thirteen grandchildren. So you see, we have lots of young people to watch and love.

I have done many things--scuba diving, gymastics, ballet, water and snow skiing--and I love to study everything from medicinal herbs to psychotherapy. I have owned two different businesses. But I have a life-long love of writing and storytelling. Since retiring from our business in 1998, I have been writing full-time.

Why don't you rest here on the bench and link to "My Novels" and browse through my stories for a while.